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The Simple Life in the Philippines

There was a Greek philosopher who lived long before Facebook or Twitter called Epicurus. It is from his name we get the term ‘epicurean’. Something to do with enjoying food and the finer things of life, I believe. The reality was Epicurus lived in a large house with several friends and actually enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. Not fancy food, but just plain old cheese and wine. History has distorted this, as it tends to so often do, to the point where describing oneself as an ‘epicurean’ when rather obese generally leads to knowing looks and half-hidden smirks.


Live The Good Life In Legazpi

Or anywhere in the Philippines for that matter. You can live a very good life and enjoy the simple pleasures that Epicurus so treasured. Good (albeit simple but tasty) food, good drink and most importantly, good company. He valued the latter more than the other things and he was right. Good company starts with your Filipina and extends beyond her to her family and your circle of friends. Having good company, quality rather than quantity, will make all the difference to how you assimilate into the community and your new life in the Philippines. Even if you only go there for vacation visits, having the right people around you makes all the difference.

I am on record as saying that if you are looking for your Filipina soul mate, there is little value in having much to do with Filipino males. I stand by that advice but, once you find her, it no longer has the same value. Now you are a part of a Filipino family you really must relate to your relatives, male and female. Ideally, learn their language but failing that, just be open minded. To make a friend, first you must be one.


You Can get Used To Anything

Believe it or not, I don’t mind drinking beer with ice in it. I have always been somewhat unconventional in my tastes and while I did find it odd at first, cooling your beer with ice cubes makes sense in the right context. That context being the cost of refrigerating crates and crates of beer as opposed to keeping a large block of ice from which you can chip bits as needed. Electricity in the Philippines is possibly the most expensive in the region and if you are out in da probince you have to adjust to provincial income levels. There may also be no electricity or, as it was on Malapascua, only available for a few hours in the evenings.

Truly, there is nothing better than a few cold beers (watered down by chunks of ice), some palutan to chew on and the company of your Filipina and her family. Sit back and relax while Mama gets the charcoal bbq going, throws on some chicken skewers and someone cranks up the karaoke machine to full distortion. Really, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Perry Gamsby, D.Lit, MA(Writing), Dip.Bus, Dip. Mktg is a writer and lecturer who lives with his Cebuana wife and five Aus-Fil daughters in Western Sydney. The author of a series of best-selling ‘self-help’ books for expats and those married to Filipinas, he is also a Master of Filipino Martial Arts and a former World Stickfighting Champion who has lived, worked and vacationed in the Philippines since 1988. Perry and his family return to the Philippines on a yearly basis. You can read more of his writing on Philippines topics at

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