Filipina Wives

Finding Love, Peace and Happiness in the Philippine Islands

Filipinos are hospitable in ways that are difficult to explain. Foreign men who seek out companions and wives find the basic degree of kindness in Filipino women a superior mark for the Philippine Islands. Even in times of trouble and hardship a Pinay will go about her daily life with happy thoughts and a supportive smile. Those that search out the company of a Filipino not only come for the love but also to live out a life of retirement in the stunning islands of the Philippines.

Women of the Philippines make superior wives. Their deep loyalty to family is set into their daily lives in ways that are not seen in other parts of the world. Through thick and thin a Filipino wife will exceed duty, honor and happiness in all that come her way. Not only does a wife in the Philippines possess these high moral ways she will also pass them onto any children that you may decide to have with her. Her duty will not stop there. She will help them achieve high standards in school as well as assist in any talents they may have.

Those who ask a Pinay lady for her hand in marriage must not take western mentality to those intentions. In the Philippines it is the honor of family tradition to seek approval and discuss marriage directly with the entire family. Even in courting it is best to not break true honor of the Filipino people and date without parental consent. This is just the first step in knowing and understanding Filipino tradition. Those in acceptance of the wishes of the family can also see why the sanctity of church is so highly valued within the Philippines.

Civil weddings are not all that familiar to the cultural ways of the Filipino people. Families dedicated to religion and life will want their children to be married in a church. These celebrations not only show pride to distant family and friends but is a direct consent of any religious beliefs.

A Filipino wife will always be looking over her husband, family and home. From cost effective measures that assist in bringing about a happy environment to supporting a nourishing mentality for everyone around her to see. Filipino women wake up and serve their husbands and families. They come alive in the morning and go to bed at night with a true appreciation for the day behind them and the day ahead. Those seeking that kind of stability and lust for life are sure to find it in the women of the Philippines.



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