Getting The Story Straight

  Any foreigner, commonly referred to as a ‘kano’, as in ‘Amerikano’ but also just as easily ‘Australikano’, who has had anything to do with Filipinos and especially Filipinas will know that they often tell very implausible stories. In fact, some might say they wouldn’t lie straight in bed and couldn’t tell the truth from… Continue reading Getting The Story Straight

Filipina Wives · Perry Gamsby

The Simple Life in the Philippines

There was a Greek philosopher who lived long before Facebook or Twitter called Epicurus. It is from his name we get the term ‘epicurean’. Something to do with enjoying food and the finer things of life, I believe. The reality was Epicurus lived in a large house with several friends and actually enjoyed the simple… Continue reading The Simple Life in the Philippines

Filipina Wives · Perry Gamsby

Our daily bread – White and sugary!

I have written about food and eating habits here before, but food is such an intrinsic part of our culture and daily existence it deserves further discussion. I know from my own experience what it is like to live without foods we take for granted. Like bread made with salt and not sugar. If the… Continue reading Our daily bread – White and sugary!